Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory.

I am sure you must have figured out my name.There is alot to talk about..myself,family,friends...Well to start with at the moment i am doing absolutely zilch.Hence the website comes in the picture...i wanted one from a very long time.Now my family, Well... my hubby's side cant really say much about them,as my knowledge of his side is the input i get from them, On personal level i don't know them so i have no right to judge them from the stories...thats unfair...but they all seem little bit is the whole world ..isn't it? I am talking about the immediate extended family here.The immediate family ..wouldn't like to comment as yet.. i think on some level i am still trying to understand...the picture is not very clear, Also i have my own conceptions and uncertainties.

Now my side of the family...i would say all are nuts...haha. I am sure my generation of the family that's gonna read this page would agree.hmmm...My mum ...makes a great mum...i told my sister once,she would make a really bad mother-in-law ofcourse for a daughter-in-law.she gets along with both of her son-in-law like milk and water.My dad...mmm its a long pause.i really don't know a word that sums it all up.....i will leave this space blank until i find a word,but yes me and him there is a thing about us..we get along like science and god.I have the best sister in the world. Though i have bullied her like every other elder sister does...still her love has never faded.i believe love is never more or less,it is our expectation which our high.

My Uncle and aunts ...I really don't have words....My Cousins i love them.And i have recently found out that they don't want to carry on the legacy of our parents. I don't have words to express how glad i is a thing to be happy about when so many people agree to one thing without being in one place without having any discussions about it...and they all still want the same thing.

We are all in different parts of the world.While growing up we all had our dreams,some of us did wanted to go where we are now but none of us realised what we were gonna miss and what we were leaving behind.I think that's one of the reason we all want the same thing.In certain ways i am happy to what happened and what's bringing us together and in some part i am unhappy that we are not closer to share these little things that we know will put a smile on their face.Anyways i wish best for all them.

I have always been lucky i would say..though i don't know how much i believe in a thing called luck...i am talking about my friends here.i have had best of them...the ones i have now and the ones i have lost touch with over the years.too many to write about I'll need couple of pages to write about them..hence the line above sums it all up.

i  don't know if i am forgetting anything now...

well about me...i would say i am very rebellious.true aquarian too certain extent.i really don't know what to say..i think i just have nice things to say about think i would leave that for my family & friends to say.well my life's been pretty straightforward so far.Hope it continues like that.I don't want any nasty surprises.

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